The Middlesbrough FC kit I designed

I designed these kits for Middlesbrough Futsal Club nearly three years ago...can't believe it's been that long!  This season 11/12 they finally went into production and I just recieved a couple of my own in the post this week. The Home Kit (blue) had to be tweaked slightly from my initial design due to production costs but the Away Kit (White) is an exact conversion of my design and I'm truly delighted with it! It's definitely my favorite of the two. I introduced the polka dot collar as an homage to the very  first Middlesbrough Football kits used in the late 19th century. Errea the Italian sportswear designer make some really fantastic kits, they use really high quality materials. If your local team is looking for a kit supplier be sure to check 'em out. I had a lot of fun designing these. I love Middlesbrough FC, they are a true model Futsal Club, a true leader in their sport and it was a real honour working with them.