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Designing the New Galway United 2017 Home Kit

Designing the new Galway United Home kit for 2017 began as early as mid 2016. My initial starting point was my wish to bring back a clean white v-neck and pin stripe design, similar to the Galway United 1985 kit (pictured below). 

I tested and abandoned a number of pin stripe options but inspiration truly came in September, when I had the opportunity to photograph Galway Hookers in the Claddagh. I have always had a strong love for the Galway Hooker and I'm immensely proud of the great restorative work being done by the Claddagh Boat Men and the Galway Hooker Association, both of which were an immense help during the process of this project.

The stitching pattern in the burgundy canvas sails in particular caught my eye, its a detail you can only truly appreciate up close with the boats. The burgundy pinstripe, in contrast to deep black of the tarred hull with the bold stripe dividing the two is a breathtaking image, and immediately reminded me of one of Galway United most historic…

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