Influence Map

This was surprisingly more difficult than I initially assumed it would be...I'm inspired by loads of things and artists but they don't necessarily influence my the end I noticed that many of the things that directly influence my work and style were from the first 10 years of my life...

1. Calvin and Hobbes - Bill Watterson is a genius!

2. Snails, Bears, Cats, Dogs...pretty much all animals!

3. Terry Border - Bent Objects, another Genius! Check out his blog!

4. Children's Art - so so perfect!

5. The Land Before Time - Ignited my love for dinosaurs and is the first film I ever watched in a Cinema!

6. Travis Charest - I like a lot of comic book artists, Jim Lee, Alex Ross, Jae Lee...but Charest is the man! It's his style I would love to have!

7. Behind the Scenes Featurettes...doesn't matter what type, just love 'em!

8. Christmas...I love everything about it! Makes me so happy!

9. The Peanuts - in particular the television specials.

10. Tonari no Totoro - Perfect movie in every way, so simple a true gem!

11. Lilo and fact anything Chris Sandersish eg. Kiskaloo , How to Train Your Dragon...Love this guys style and imagination.

12. Beatrix Potter

13. Oliver Jeffers - He has the career I want...and more talent and imagination than any single human should....grrr!

14. Peter Pan - I love all the golden era Disney films 'The Jungle Book', 'Robin Hood' 'The Lion King'...but this is my fav. I'm naturally a huge fan of Barrie's original play too.