Diabloskinz - Skins for your devices!

Hi everyone, Diabloskinz.com are now selling a special selection of my artwork as skins for your favorite electrical devices! (iPod, iPhone, Nintendo DS, Nintentendo Wii, Playstation 3 etc) Wondering what a skin is...here's an excerpt from their site!

"DiabloSkinz uses high quality, high-res artwork printed onto Patented 3M vinyl that is then sealed with a plastic enamel for long lasting protection. This is then applied to your device.

We are proud to bring you some of the best high-res artwork from some fantastic artists. You will not find most of these designs anywhere else. Why not personalise your phone, mp3 player or console to show off your individual style.

Our kits can be installed by just about everyone and they don’t require any special tools to do this. The skin is also designed so that it does not leave any residue on your device on removal.

We have a great range of artwork so check them all out by using the links above to either Search By Product, Search By Design or if you would prefer we can print any of the designs seen on the site on a canvas to add that personalisation into your home." www.diabloskinz.com