East United Football Club Galway - Rebrand

I'm very proud to share the new East United Football Club Crest and club re-brand.

I wanted to create an identity the residents of Ballybane, Castlepark, Ballybrit and beyond could relate to and take pride in.

 Original Crest (Left) vs New Crest (Right)

The Knight and Castle symbolises, Strength, Honour and Community.

I live very close to East United and I'm very proud of my local community and want nothing more than to see it grow and prosper. Football is the heart of the community, the kids on my street live and breath the game. I want to see kids wearing their local colours with pride. Whether it be the yellow and black of East United or the Maroon and White of Galway. Football brings communities together - I'm honoured to be part of East United's growing heritage.

 Primary Logo

In addition to the logo redesign I also created a new East United Football Club mascot 'The East United Knight'. Symbolising Strength, Honour and Community the Knight is a role model to be proud of. 

 Alternate Logo

 Alternate Logo

 Wordmark Logo

Primary Logo Wapllpaper