409 showcased at '2017 I Creative Cities Short Film Festival' Santos Brasil

Honoured to share some photos from the recent 'I Creative Cities Short Film Festival' which is the highlight of 2017 Santos Coffee Festival, Brasil.

My 1 minute film '409' featured alongside films from almost 20 other Unesco Creative Cities.

'With around 48.000 people in the Historical City Center, the movie theatre of the Pele Museum hosted the Ist Creative Cities Short Film Festival, as part the Santos Coffee Festival activities. There were three sessions on July 7 to 9, all packed.

Films from 17 Unesco Creative Cities were shown from countries such as Afghanistan, Canada, United States, China, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia and Macedonia. Films from Santos were selected and screened.

According to the Director of the Economic Innovation Office of Santos City Hall, Niedja Santos, who also is the focal point for the Unesco Creative Cities Program, "this initiative is a great way to use the film field to gather people, because they will realize that regardless of the place they are, everyone have the same feelings, wake up, feed themselves, work, sleep, so we may increase the tolerance and strengthen peace, the main UNESCO’s goal, besides that, the festival is a nice learning tool for our filmmakers because of the audiovisual languages in these wonderful films”.

The screening in Santos was provided by a partnership with Bradford, UK, the first film city in the Unesco Creative Cities Network. Some of the films selected for the I Small World Film Festival, held in the british city, in june, came to Santos after a teamwork involving the foreign filmmakers to insert the subtitles translated into portuguese by Santos’s team.

The Municipality of Santos is reference in creative economy in São Paulo State, fostering and empowering creative entrepreneurs from all fields, from crafts to gastronomy. Until december, there will be realized other important cultural festivals and launched 3 new Creative Villas in vulnerable districts, among other capacity building programs for creative entrepreneurs.

Creative Santos City - Santos joined the Unesco Creative Cities Network in 2015 as City of Film. Since then, has been working hard in policies, projects and programs to to strengthen culture and creativity as factors of sustainable urban development.'

All photos Courtesy: I Creative Cities Short Film Festival/ Santos Coffee Festival 2017