409 - Galway City of Film One Minute Film Festival

‘Galway: My Home, My Place’

Very happy to make public my one minute film '409' created exclusively for the UNESCO Galway City of Film One Minute Film Festival in association with Culture Night 2016.

'409' stars my wonderful son and best bud Obi and was shot entirely on my iphone during a morning trip into town on the 409 bus.  I really wanted to capture something special of Obi, but Obi is very much his own man, and not much interested in taking direction. I knew it couldn't be something planned or forced, and I didn't want his special day out hampered by a big camera or rigid shot list. So I cleared some space on my phone, and just winged it! Shot over a few hours in Galway I filmed approximately 5 minutes of footage in total. Mostly low intimate angles, the day was about playing with Obi and him experiencing some of his favourite things, Recording the events was very much secondary.  Obi is well used to me snapping shots on my phone so he paid no attention to the phone so the result is a very very simple, modest and short film that just so happens to capture Obi's spirit and charm perfectly.