Connacht Rugby Green Lantern Kit by BLK Sports

© DC Comics, BLK Sport & Connacht Rugby 2015

© DC Comics, BLK Sport & Connacht Rugby 2015

BLK Sports attention to detail is second to none. Since taking over as Connacht Rugby's technical sponsor they have gone above and beyond when it comes to creating unique modern designs that pay tribute to Connacht's heritage and connect with the fans. BLK's new DC Comics Superhero range is no different!

© DC Comics, BLK Sport & Connacht Rugby 2015

Notice anything particularly special about the new Limited Edition Green Lantern Connacht Shirt above? Unlike the rest of the series which feature more 'Live Action' versions of the super hero costumes of which they are based BLK have dug deep into the Connacht media archives and taken inspiration from a series of 'Super Hero' themed Illustrations (see below) I created for the club in 2011 to create a unique one of a kind authentic comic book version for Connacht. 

John Muldoon - Connacht Super Hero Series, © Morgan O'Brien 2011
© DC Comics, BLK Sport & Connacht Rugby 2015

George Naoupu - Connacht Super Hero Series, © Morgan O'Brien 2011

Note the comic book cross-hatch style to the ink lines and sharp shadows and light highlights.

© DC Comics, BLK Sport & Connacht Rugby 2015
 Shirt Detail

Illustration Detail

Coincidentally  the original illustration series I created for Connacht Rugby was actually based on and inspired by Green Lantern, given he is the most recognisable green costumed hero in the DC universe. The colours I chose were directly based on Green Lanterns costume and the beams of light behind the players represent 'Green Energy'.

 Connacht Super Hero Series, © Morgan O'Brien 2011

I'm hugely honoured to have my designs play even the smallest part in such a great new Limited Edition Connacht shirt. I'm a massive comic book and sports fans. So excited to be able to add a shirt to my collections that combines two of my passions.

My sincere compliments to the designers in BLK who created this new series of shirts. Amazing work as always, every shirt in the series is top class! Whether you are a comic book fan or sports fan I highly recommend you pick up one of these SUPER shirts before they FLY OFF THE SHELVES. I certainly will be!

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