Stop Motion Character - Cactus Boy

Concept Design.

As part of a Stop Motion workshop organized in work we were tasked with designing and creating a stop motion character as a learning exercise to help with designing for stop motion on future projects.

Theoretical Design for a professional standard armature construction.

Basic Turnaround.

The shape and placement of the spikes was figured out in TinkerCad.

Have to start somewhere.

 Constructing the basic armature. All of the joints had to be adjusted to fit the slightly thicker wire I opted for.

 Armature and MDF base completed

 There was no green, so I made some... two shades.

 'Bye' armature...


 2 tone head colour. The cellophane was to prevent colour contamination while I was 
applying the spikes.

 The trickiest bit so far... creating the spikes.

 I thought the head was hard, creating spikes on the body was even trickier. Smoothing everything out without damaging the spikes was proving near impossible. My fingers were too big to smooth out the crevices.

 Solution was to apply a texture effect to the characters body surface. The original concept is painted with a slightly fleece like texture so I was glad to be able to continue that look on from the concept. It covered ALOT of the flaws which was a great. Eyes are plastic balls.

 Finished Model


 Close Up

Close Up


John Monteith said…
This is amazing!

I get your blog posts in my news feed, have been following for a while. I really enjoy seeing you develop a concept through to an actual physical creation!

Well done!