Animation Art Show 2014

Here is my contribution for this years Animation Art Show 2014!

I knew from the start I wanted to create something traditionally this year, it had always been my plan to do a little watercolour of these guys, but with a one year old and another due any day now I just couldn't seem to psych myself up enough to actually make the time, dig out the watercolours and get any further than the sketching phase. I don't know about ye, but its been a while since I've actually painted anything... I spend all day drawing/painting on my Cintiq in work so my traditional skills are getting a bit rusty.

So after alllooot of procrastination, on the very day the new baby was due, knowing it was now or never I got out pencil and paper and jumped onto an old animation desk we have in Telegael and just started working on a drawing instead. To be honest I had a blast, Photoshop is great but nothing will ever beat a good ol' pencil and paper!

The final drawing is actually based on the very last drawing I did in 2013. I had other preliminary sketches done which you can see below but in the end I preferred this one. As it happens Neen was actually pregnant at the time I drew the preliminary sketch but we didn't know, so the image is extra special. 

Oh and for whoever buys this at the Auction there is also a secret drawing hidden inside the frame as an extra bonus Thank You!

'The Animation Art show is an annual exhibition and auction taking place in Dublin in aid of Irish children's charities. By tapping into the creativity bubbling from the animation industry the event has now raised over €20, 000

This year's exhibition will take place in the Temple Bar Gallery on the weekend of the 17th of October with the art auction taking place on Sunday the 19th. All proceeds go to the Jack and Jill Foundation and the ISPCC.'

My first sketch. August 2014
Second Sketch. August 2014
New Years Eve Sketch 2013


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Gorgeous Morgan!!