Concept Art

I'm Playing around with the idea of creating a small animation project. Something to chip away at on my lunch breaks... It'll be about Molly and me and will either be a very very short movie... or  just a nice bit of animation. 

My first thoughts were that I wanted something very polished and Golden Era Disneyish given it was only going to a very small project. However none of the early concept art for Molly looked like her, that style just didn't capture her personality at all. In fact since we've gotten her I've found it pretty hard to draw her in a way I was fully happy with.

I really like the way she looks here though, kind of rough and ready and childlike, just like her.

It's looking like I'll hand draw the animation keys. in between/test in Flash then export to Photoshap to paint a frame at a time.

That's the plan anyway...I havent animated in years so It'll be an adventure if nothing else. Posting it here might give me the boost I need do just do it.

Any thoughts on the designs...too simple?