Graphic Blandishment

Couple of things inspired this piece. 

Charles 'Sparky' Shultz and 'The Peanuts' obviously, but more particularly the fact that I've started using a Wacom Cintiq 24HD in work and I love it... going back to my standard Wacom tablet in the studio is already pretty hard....

Secondly I was watching 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' on Blu-ray last night along with the accompanying special features and kinda felt like drawing something in the 'Peanuts' style.

Schroeder has always been a favorite of mine and is one of the reasons I loved Beethoven so much as a kid.

I created an alternate version that says 'Telegael Graphic Blandishment Department' which I might put up in work next week. 

Drawn in Photoshop CS5 - Characters Copyright Charles Shultz