Paper Pokemon X and Y Starters

Paper Pokemon X and Pokemon Y starters. Fennekin, Chespin and Froakie. Deviated a fair bit from the original sketch. Didn't like how symmetrical it was. At the moment Chespin is my favorite design, reminds me of vintage Disney Micky Mouse and Oswald the Rabbit.


Hélène said…
I just found your blog today, and like very much your illustrations (especially animal ones, I'm not found of pokemons). I'm know following you, not to miss next posts.

I like your point of vue about kids and art, and share most of your inspirations (Calvin & Hobbes etc). By the way, do you know "Cul de Sac" by Richard Thompson ? Little Alice is a kind of female Calvin.

I wish you all the best with the good news you just announced. It's the bigger adventure one can have.

Kisses from France !