Experimenting - By My Side Concept

I'm experimenting at the moment with a new digital painting technique for my watercolour illustrations. Nothing beats the raw satisfaction and thrill of painting traditional watercolour illustrations but to be honest my original watercolours take a couple of days each and if I make a mistake at any stage the whole image has to be scrapped.

For certain commercial projects in which a large series of sequential images are needed, for example for a book I needed to find a faster way to work, especially a way that allows me to edit at a later stage. The above illustration is created in my 'watercolour style' but is in fact painted in Photoshop.

I drew the image with a pencil on paper and scanned it along with texture swatches and dots and applied them digitally.It's kind deconstructed watercolour illustration if you will.

This is by no means the end of my traditional painting process but when speed and accuracy are needed for a project I think I will be going down the digital route when needed... 


Anonymous said…
Looks great Morgan