Na Bairneachai/NUI Galway Partnership

Photos by: McMahon Photography

Na Bairneachai are a local junior Rugby team I have been involved with since it's inception a few years back. I designed their crest, current kit and create a recruitment poster for them every autumn. Well big news for Na Bairneachai...they have joined forces with local college NUI Galway to create a Rugby Youth Academy. It's a huge partnership and I'm honoured to be involved with such a great team. For the new venture I created the large banner featured in the photos, rejigged the existing logo to incorporate NUI Galway and designed a couple of new NUIG Youth academy of which you can see on the hoodies and t-shirts. This venture is going to really boost the local Rugby time many of these young players will no doubt be playing for Connacht and Ireland...Well done to all the Na Bairneachai crew for all your hard work and dedication to the rubgy community.