Birdcage by Twitter logo

I designed this for fun at lunch today. It's based on an idea I had for the next 'big thing' in the online world. It's a redesign of the existing Twitter franchise and logo. Think Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Dropbox and Chrome combined.

‘Birdcage’ is the future of social networking and online personal and corporate identity.Combining the world class ‘Twitter’ platform with brand new social, blogging, storage and web-browsing functionality. ‘Birdcage’ is designed to be the home of ALL your online activities.

real time information network 
web-based publishing platform 
social networking
customizable web-browser 
unlimited* online storage

This is for non-commercial, non profit purposes. It is a design exercise. The Twitter name, logo, Twitter T, Tweet, and Twitter bird are © & ™ Twitter, Inc 2011. Birdcage’ concept © Morgan O’Brien 2011