Baboro 2010 - Sunday

Last week was the Baboro International Arts Festival for Children. To coincide with the festival I held an Exhibition of 26 original watercolour illustrations along the old medieval town wall in the Eyre Square Centre Galway. The exhibition and of course festival have been mentioned before on both of my blogs but here is a day by day breakdown of the past weeks happenings.

Sunday: Sunday evening after the official launch (which you can read about here) I cycled into town to hang the exhibition. This was a smidge trickier than one would imagine. The floor itself is cobbled and therefor uneven, the wire system was hanging from quite a few meters above so to begin with I didn't have a straight line on either the ground or ceiling to work from. A secondary problem was this. The wall was slightly sloped and naturally given the fact I was hanging on a stone surface the wall was quite uneven. All this simply meant it took me the better part of three hours to make sure all 26 images were as straight as possible. It was definitely worth it in the end though. I love the setting, the Eyre Square Centre was and is a wonderful spot for an exhibition.

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