2014 Connacht Rugby Third Kit

(Photo ©BLK and Connacht Rugby)

Original Concept presented in 2011/12

Truly proud and delighted to say that the new Connacht 2014/15 Third kit is based on a concept I created for Connacht way back in 2011. My good friend Neil and I got to thinking about what kind of kit we'd like to see Connacht wearing if the design choice was ours. We knew we wanted something, dark, modern and most importantly striking. I designed the kit and Neil brought the proposal to them. The design was received exceptionally well but unfortunately never made it through to production....

Until now!!!

I really love BLK, their kits are the best quality rugby kits I've ever owned so I couldn't think of a better company to produce a design based on my idea! Really proud to be able to play even the smallest part of Connacht's already successful 2014/15 season!

Cant wait to pick one up!!!

New 2014/15 Connacht Rugby Third Kit (Photo ©BLK and Connacht Rugby)

 Updated concept from 2012/14 with Mazda Sponsorship

 Original Shirt Pattern

Obi, 2 weeks ago only 1 day old with his very first Connacht shirt


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